Monday, April 3, 2017


has to be love starved
and somebody has to inject
formaldehyde into the veins
of corpses. Somebody
has to be in Alberta
looking for a dried twig
while somebody is looking
for a drink
in an SRO in LA.
Somebody has to have dialysis
tomorrow morning and somebody
is pissing honey tonight.
Somebody will wake up in Paris
and think it's Greenwich Village
and somebody will wake
in Greenwich Village and think
it's hell.
Somebody will be defeated soon
and somebody will be lucky rich
and somebody will turn dance
into defeat while somebody hunts
little girls in Bushwick.

We fill-up our space
with what is given. I've worked
the apple cart. My horse huffed
and shat on Houston Street. I've
held a muffler to my throat
against the East River winds.
I've seen streets cobbled
against the hooves. I am
somebody when I'm inside
someone, but someone, a somebody,
when not knowing who that somebody
is. The fracture
is love.

Norman Savage
Greenwich Village, 2017

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