Saturday, September 26, 2015


in the crust
around my soul.
Every once in awhile
hope escapes.
It has a voice.
It is steady
amid the red rivers
of chaos & convictions.
It tells me
I've been wrong
about so many things.
I light a cigarette
to tamp it down,
suck it in;
I read the news;
I watch TV; I read;
I do anything
other than risk falling
through my own lies.
It's taken a lot
of energy
to keep
my cruelty
for myself

A Catholic
has eased
the traffic
& restored
the flow.
for some
is informed
by faith
& belief.
I've had neither
faith nor belief
but believe
that others
& sometimes
that's enough.

Some will know
what this is about
& linger; others
will know
& leave.
And still others,
will want to believe
but just can't.
Your heart
is your heart;
your voice,
your voice.

Your call.

Norman Savage
Greenwich Village, 2015

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