Thursday, October 31, 2013


There's no real way
to do that,
but we try.
We'd like to believe
in mathematics,
the addition
or subtraction
of things,
that it all
makes sense
and was not
a waste of time.
But it usually
doesn't make sense
and usually was
a waste of time.
I think,
I should have knotted
my tie differently,
or told less lies?
I should have learned
to bat lefty
or throw righty
and walk on the other side
of the street
where the sun
was directly in my eyes?
Or fall in love
with women less mad
or less mad
about me?
The Bible might have worked,
but I needed more answers
than faith, more mystery
than reason
not realizing
that simple things worked
I do not know much
about oxytocin, or cortical,
dopamine, or serontonin,
and measuring spoons
though I've used too many spoons
to measure life with.

I've known more
with less, but have done less
with more than most
have a right to have
or do.

I will leave it
to others
to find
my mistakes.

Norman Savage
Greenwich Village, 2013

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