Tuesday, May 19, 2009


She had class,
Ruthie did---
from her black lace
underwear to the way
she laughed
at all my lies.
And although
I was 20 years
her junior
she kicked my ass
with pure heat.
Ruthie, come ta bed.
Nah, don’t feel like it,
let’s stay up...
Dracula’s on in an hour.
But shit, Ruthie,
I’m beat.
Your beat!?,
how the Hell should I feel?
But Ruthie, Ruthie
you women age slower:
no job, no rent, no stupidity...
I gotta be up at 5.
Fuck 5, she’d holler, we’ll laugh
at 5; at that hour,
at those wages,
there are plenty of jobs...
only idiots have loyalty
to people who have none.
Ruthie, you’re right,
fuck that...
you got some tuna?

We had almost an hour
to kill.

Norman Savage
Greenwich Village, 1974

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